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They are a lead smelter/foundry where we engineered a large air handling and air filtration system for their Refinery to remove toxic lead oxide fume from the worker’s breathing space, and which also received financial incentives from Enbridge for the energy efficient design.
Terrapure (Mississauga)

an aluminum smelter/foundry where we designed an energy reduction system for their furnace exhaust system and which received incentives from Enbridge.
Real Alloys(Mississauga)

designed the ductwork and fan for an analytical fume hood exhaust.
Prollenium (Aurora)

they are an environmental engineering consulting firm and we supplied numerous custom engineered air quality designs for their clients.
Trinity Engrg. - Don Mills

a brake lining manufacturing facility where we supplied a budgetary ventilation design to relieve heat stress for their workers.
Kubota (Orillia)

an organic waste composting facility with odour issues inside and outside the plant where we designed a large in plant air quality system to improve worker safety and comfort which was then connected to a biofilter for odour control outside.
Miller Waste - Pickering

designed and supplied a fume collection system and a carbon scrubber to remove the odours.
Reckitt Benkiser - Mississauga

a manufacturing facility for printed circuit boards where we engineered the supply of a biofilter system for removal of odourous organic fumes from their facility.

Coretec - (Pickering)

a conveyor belting manufacturing facility where we supplied a budgetary design for the proposed exhaust system on their flame test tunnel.

Fenner Dunlop - (Bracebridge)

an organic waste recycling facility with odour issues leaving the plant and we supplied large shipping door air curtains to contain the odours.

Peel Integrated Waste Facility - (Brampton)

an automotive parts manufacturing facility where we supplied a comprehensive HVAC energy audit for their automotive parts manufacturing facility.

Presstran div. of Magna - (St.Thomas)



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