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Custom engineered solutions which improve challenging air quality issues based upon your criteria both inside and outside your industrial facility. Our Services are designed to meet the guidelines and standards of the Ministries of Labour and Environment.

Always a focus on energy reduction including the application of financial incentives offered by your local natural gas and electricity provider. Extensive experience with air curtains and the principles of controlled airflow to obtain the maximum effectiveness and efficiency of† the air quality system.

Supply of engineering drawings of the design for your approval c/w equipment specifications and budget costs. If requested, we can act on your behalf in the procurement of equipment, supervision of installation, & final commissioning of the system.

Our designs focus on simplicity, low maintenance, and minimal capital and operating expenditure while achieving excellent performance and efficiency.


Bill Powlesland has over 40 years of experience in this field, including the manufacturing of fans and heating equipment. His associates supplement his services with specific expertise suited to your immediate needs.

Air quality complaints are often caused by poor control of hazardous emissions from the process combined with insufficient fresh air make-up(AMU). We focus on the most effective exhaust design which results in the lowest air volume exhausted from your plant. This keeps the cost of filtration and cleaning equipment to a minimum, as well as the amount of AMU and heating required.

We will select, price, and specify the most cost effective fans, duct work, AMU, and air cleaning equipment to suit your application.

Through many years of working within the provincial government framework, our experience has proven to be advantageous when trying to expedite an approval, seek clarification on policy, or address inquiries regarding a complaint.


Reducing your utility costs is still one of the most effective and achievable strategies for lowering the operating costs of your facility.† Generally, private building owners want to do this with the least initial investment and realize a payback period in less than 3 years. Owners also want to avail themselves of tax credits and deductions, energy reduction/load shedding programs, as well as receiving any financial incentives available.

IAQ has that expertise to help you to realize those goals.


An AIR CURTAIN is the ONLY door that is both open and closed at the same time, even sealing itself around penetrating objects. The air curtain uses a wall of air generated by specialized fans and a directional discharge to separate areas of pressure or temperature differential, to isolate a dirty area from a clean one, or as a directional control device to dictate where the air flows and is the most effective.

On a doorway, it increases the safety by providing unobstructed entrances resulting in clear sight lines and dry floors for people and product movement, while maintaining an acceptable interior temperature. It will save energy by keeping in either heat in the winter months or air conditioned air in the summer months (air curtains generally pay for themselves in energy savings within the first three years)

At IAQ we have extensive experience with air curtains and the principles of controlled airflow to obtain the maximum effectiveness and efficiency of† the air quality system.




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